The Original Collection

We take great pride in presenting you with our six hand-picked Original Collection recipes; bursting with the most extraordinary natural flavours, infused with the finest vegan-friendly botanicals and...

lovingly distilled in the heart of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Dry Gin.

Our Yorkshire Dry Gin is a classic juniper-rich flavour, infused with the aromatic undertones of lavender… and as dry as Yorkshire wit.

English Rhubarb Gin.

Crisp in flavour with subtle fruity notes, the delicate balance of juniper and citrus allows the sweet tartness of the rhubarb varieties in our English Rhubarb Gin to shine through.

Pink Grapefruit Gin.

Experience the zest and bite of citrus burst with our Pink Grapefruit Gin - ignited by the unique bitter-sweet succulence of our delicious pink grapefruits.

Cucumber & Mint Gin.

The subtle crispness of cucumber and the cool freshness of mint in our Cucumber & Mint Gin combine to create a delicate, thirst-quenching pour.

Violet Gin.

An evocative infusion of aromatic violet flowers, angelica and lemon combine in our Violet Gin to create a smooth and indulgent finish.

Passion Fruit Gin.

Exotic and irresistible passion fruits combine with refreshing citrus tones in our Passion Fruit Gin to create an enticing tropical sensation.